The EzyWash ball is the most environmentally friendly way to clean clothes and other laundry items. The natural ceramic balls contained inside the EzyWash case act like regular washing power and fabric softener leaving your clothes clean and soft all without the use of chemicals.

Save money. Save water. Save the environment.

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Cleans Clothes Without Using Detergent

Revolutionize the way you do laundry! The EzyWash ball acts as washing powder and fabric softener, leaving your clothes and saving you money. The scientifically formulated design uses only enhanced natural ceramic balls so your washing is free from chemical residue. No chemicals also mean you can put the water from your machine directly onto the garden without the need for expensive grey water systems.

Stop wasting money on washing products and get your EzyWash ball today!

EzyWash balls do not require the use of added detergents or fabric softeners making ideal for people with sensitive skin. The elimination of chlorine from the water ensures the fabric does not lose its colour and the combined actions of the balls and magnetic pole in the EzyWash makes this a powerful cleaning product.

How EzyWash Works

Alkali Balls The alkali balls inside the EzyWash casing alter and stabilize the pH of the water so it can remove oily stains from fabric. The change in pH opens up the fabric fibres allowing the water to penetrate deeper into the fabric, making stain removal easier.

Antibacterial Balls These balls have antibacterial properties so with EzyWash your clothes are not only stain free, but hygienically clean as well.

Anti-chlorine Balls Chlorine found in mains water fades fabric and can cause skin irritation. EzyWash contains balls that absorb and neutralize chlorine, not only protecting your fabric and skin, but also increasing the cleaning power of the EzyWash ball.

Outer Casing the EzyWash ball has been scientifically designed so it helps water penetrate the fabric fibres, breaking down ground-in dirt and stains.

How to Use EzyWash Balls

EzyWash balls are easy to use:

  • Place the EzyWash ball and soiled laundry items in the washing machine
  • For best results use the Auto Soak and Heavy Duty wash cycles
  • For heavily soiled items a small amount of detergent or pre-treaters can be used
  • To maintain the effectiveness of the EzyWash ball, dry in sunlight weekly
  • Refresh EzyWash balls between laundry loads by shaking under running water
  • For washing loads over 8.5kg the use of two EzyWash balls is recommended
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